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Price List

Standard, upgrades and custom

Each JT Custom Bass is priced using the following:

4 string guitar (see upgrades for 5 &6)

3 layer body with exotic wood options

Fretted or fretless

Joined neck 

Pick-ups: Delano, Aguilar or similar quality

Bridge and tuner options: Hipshot 

2-way truss rods and carbon fiber rods in every neck

Ebony or Rosewood knobs

Tone styler

Strap buttons

Gig bag

Your choice of 32-36 inch scale

Passive wiring

Standard price for above: $3,141.59 + tax and shipping


5 string- Add $500

6 string- Add $1000

Accent veneer- Add $100 per side

Custom matching knobs: $50 each

Active circuitry at an additional cost

Additional details as desired.

If you wish to contact Jim to create a custom order just for you, please get in touch. 

Get in Touch
Price List: The Story

Current custom creations vs advanced orders

Working together

As I make each new bass guitar in my shop thinking, I like thinking about the musician who will ultimately bring it to life. 

I believe each of my creations just needs to find it's proper home, so if you are looking to buy a handcrafted, one of a kind instrument, please contact me to discuss my current inventory.

If I don't have anything on hand that strikes your face, I am happy to talk to you about creating a custom instrument with the wood selection, add-ons, size, etc. that you would like. This is considered an advanced order. 
Once we decide to work together, we will have a thorough consultation to plan out your bass guitar.
You will be sent a contract that describes the work that will be completed, the total cost and estimated completion date (6 months after deposit.) 
At the time of the contract, a deposit will be required in order to start the work.
Progress reports and photos will be provided along the way.


For both custom creations and advanced orders, your custom guitar will be shipped to you in a gig bag upon completion.

Price List: Welcome
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