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Jim in his shop holding a bass

 Jim Turturici

For the love of music, fine woodworking and the details of design

Jim Turturici has had a lifelong love affair with the bass. He started playing bass guitar at age 11 and by the time he was a teenager he was in a band and playing local gigs.  Being an introvert, he preferred a quiet workshop to the stage and sought to combine his love of wood working with his love of music.  He made his first bass guitar at 19 and still keeps it in the shop to remind himself of his early passion (and all of the early mistakes!) Jim decided to pursue his passion to become a professional luthier and received his degree in violin making at the Chicago School of Violin Making. After having a successful business making violins, violas and cellos, he has gone back to his first love- the bass guitar. With decades of woodworking and instrument making under his belt, Jim finds joy in creating one of a kind instruments that are truly special. From the exotic woods and high quality parts to every detail of design, he puts the time in to bring each instrument to life. These hand-made instruments are made by Jim's hands only, with attention to every last detail in his workshop near Seattle in Washington, USA. 

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