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Zebrawood 5 string fretless bass

The Wood

Zebra wood top and back 

Wenge body core

35" scale, 5-piece Curly Maple and Wenge neck

Macassar Ebony fretboard with side fretmarkers 
Ebony nut
Matching wood for truss rod cover and front/back of headstock


The Hardware

Hipshot bridge and lollipop tuners

Denalo x-tender HE/S pickup

Stellartone 10 position ToneStyler to give a range of pre-equalized positions

Stringjoy light gauge heavy bottom strings

2-way adjustable truss rod to control height of action and dual carbon fiber rods to add strength to the neck without adding weight.


The Design

This one is my wife's favorite because of the sleek look and thumping sound. The zebrawood shimmers with bronze highlights in the sunshine and has a golden honey look at other times. The high gloss look catches the eye and that beautiful Maccassar ebony fretboard is a centerpiece in and of itself. I am also a big fan of Wenge and was able to balance this exotic wood so that this bass is still light weight and can be played for hours and hours. This is one of those instruments where I actually don't think photos do it justice. You have to see it's glimmer and hear its growl to really appreciate this one-of-a-kind beauty. 

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