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4 string frettless custom bass guitar with flamed redwood top

Flamed Redwood 4 string fretless bass

The Wood

Flamed Redwood top 
Black Limba body core
Flamed Walnut back
3 piece Flamed Maple neck
34” Gabon Ebony fretboard

Ebony nut

Matching wood for truss rod cover and front/back of headstock

The Hardware

Hipshot tuners and bridge
Stellartone 6 position ToneStyler to give a range of pre-equalized positions
Delano HE/S pickup 
Stringjoy light gauge heavy bottom strings
2-way adjustable truss rod to control height of action and dual carbon fiber rods to add strength to the neck without adding weight.


The Design

As I kid, I loved hiking around the redwoods. The strength and color of this great tree has always been a favorite. I acquired this wood a quarter of a century ago, knowing I would be able to create a one-of-a-kind bass that would honor this special wood. I was inspired to make a 4-string fretless bass, letting the layers of the different woods create the streamlined beauty of the instrument. In honor of the redwood, I added fret markers on the side of the fretboard that glow red once exposed to UV light. So, if a player is on stage or in a dark room, they can see the red markers subtly shine. 
I chose the lightweight black limba body for its beauty and balance. JT Custom basses never have any neck dive as I am always aware of the player who wants to feel comfortable and inspired to play for hours. I also love adding small details like the ebony dovetails on the back of the neck on this piece. The flamed walnut back with the swooping glimpse of maple was the perfect complement to that magnificent redwood top. 

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