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Flamed Maple 5 string fretted bass

The Wood

Flamed Maple top
Black Limba body core and back
Curly Shedua one-piece neck
Birdseye Maple fretboard

Graphite nut
Matching wood for truss rod cover
Dark walnut for front of headstock and Zebrawood for back of headstock


The Hardware

Hipshot bridge and tuners
Aguilar AG5m pickup 
Stellartone 10 position ToneStyler to give a range of pre-equalized positions

Stringjoy light gauge heavy bottom strings
2-way adjustable truss rod to control height of action and dual carbon fiber rods to add strength to the neck without adding weight.



The Design

There is something about this rockin' Maple beauty that reminds me of Blondie. Sure, it's the gorgeous blonde wood,  but there is an edge to this instrument that makes it badass! The flamed maple top just sings and that birdseye maple fretboard is a from a special piece of wood that has been in my wood collection for decades. I purchased it when I worked at Owl Hardwoods in Chicago. It made a gorgeous viola and now a stunning fretboard. 
This bass cuaght the eye of grammy award winning bassist Andrew Gouche, who played with Prince and music producer for Chaka Chan, just to name a few. He thumped and wailed on this instrument and took keen interest in hearing about the Stonetyler. 

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