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What a weekend! Highlights from the Tacoma Guitar Show!

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Wow! We had such an amazing time at the 2021 Tacoma Guitar Festival at the Tacoma dome last weekend. The best part about the weekend was meeting some truly great people. It was fun to see each bass come to life under every unique set of hands. I also appreciated hearing that people noticed all of the painstaking details of each instrument. I think they could see and feel the labor of love that each bass has been. When I think about the impact of the weekend, it were all of those little moments that added up to one phenomenal event. I appreciate everyone who came to visit the booth and there were some moments I won't soon forget:

* I was in the middle of eating a hot dog on Saturday afternoon when RUDY SARZO walks up to our booth! He asked to play an instrument and then sat down to chat. Rudy was so kind and thoughtful. He asked great questions and gave kind feedback. He handed back the bass and said, "Masterfully done. Congratulations!" I was elated!

* We were enjoying a jam session with Jeremy (happy birthday) when Andrew Gouche walked up to check out the basses. He continued to shred on a couple of instruments and made us all smile. Amazing to see this grammy award winner in the flesh and to know he has moved up to the area. Maybe we will get to see more of him now.

* On Sunday, I was greeted by a friendly face who said she was going to take some photos and videos of her husband playing one of Jim's basses. I (stupidly) asked if her husband was a professional musician. Claire didn't even get a chance to answer, because that is when E. Pruitt started playing. Wow! No wonder he was voted best bass player in Seattle! We had a great time with E. and Claire (yes, eclair dessert pun intended!)

* We met soooooooo many wonderful people and players. Thanks for stopping by Thomas, Billy, Jeremy, Michael, Serj, Nicholas, David, Eric, Shevin, James, Zak, Casper, Kyle, Robin and ALL of the other awesome people we met!

Above all else, I feel grateful that the guitar community was able to get together in person again. Justing being out, putting a bass in someone's hands and watching their face light up was enough to charge up my battery.

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