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Tacoma Guitar Show 2022!

I met so many great people at the Tacoma Guitar and Drum Festival this year. It is always a joy for me to put one of my basses into someone's hands and watch it come to life. Each bass is one-of-a-kind and so are the new owners! Enjoy the photos from the show and please keep in touch!

Above: Dylan is one to watch! 14 and jamming. Above: This beauty is moving to California!

Award-winning bassist, E. Pruitt stopped by to put this new Maple and Dark Walnut bass through its paces

Below: Have some fun and follow @chrissy.wiley on instagram to watch her reels. Be on the look-out for her NEW Zebrawood JT Custom bass!

Zebrawood bass in all of her glory!

Below: Frank is the proud owner of the Saltwater Spalted JT Custom Bass, which is fitting as he lives along the Oregon coast! Please follow Midtown Guitars on Facebook and check out their shop.

Below: Welcome back, Serge. Always fun to listen to you play!
Below: Alan was an engineer for Frank Zappa back in the day. He has a fun son, good friends and currently is looking forward to retiring from Facebook. What else could he ask for?
Oh, a JT Custom Bass of Flamed Redwood!
Thanks for signing up for my mailing list to stay in contact. Until we meet again.
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